7.5' Panorama (90"x30") Fujiflex Archival Acrylic Laminated (Click thumbnail to view full-size)

180321 Rainbow Tunnel.jpg
180321 Rainbow Tunnel.jpg

7.5' Panorama (90"x30") Fujiflex Archival Acrylic Laminated (Click thumbnail to view full-size)


Turn an IMAX camera sideways and double the width... In 1993, Fujifilm designed a panoramic camera for group portraits of tourists. With unsurpassed resolution, extreme detail and lossless print quality up to 9' was now possible. 

In rural New Jersey, there's a historic zinc mine with a section of the underground workings that glows beneath ultraviolet light. A particular section is known by the miners as the "Rainbow Tunnel," for the huge glowing streak across the wall. 

Several months later, and many late nights of eBay Japan, the mine manager unlocked the hatch door and said, "The light switch is at the end of the tunnel. I'm getting lunch, have fun!"

10-minute exposure on Velvia 220 film under shortwave UV light w/Fujifilm GX617 panoramic camera. Drum scanned, the digital image measures 21,000+ pixels wide @ 4000 ppi - 1.48GB. Printed on Fujiflex, laminated with a sheet of 1/8" acrylic with an aluminum cleat, the large format panorama truly immerses the viewer and glows on the wall.

Fujiflex Crystal Archive Printing Material produces rich image color, pure whites, and razor-sharp detail with exceptional surface gloss and flatness. It incorporates an anti-fading layer for superior lasting prints that are guaranteed to glow for years of display. Unlike other photographers who use laserjet ink, our prints are developed in an actual bath of photographic chemicals at the finest lab in Southern California.

A variety of mounting options are available, please contact us directly for availability. Pricing includes shipping within the USA. Prints will arrive rolled, which should be opened only by a professional framer. Fujiflex images are very sensitive to fingerprints. Large format mounted prints will arrive via crate. 

Edition of 5. Signed & numbered.

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